Why Do I Need A Gardener?

There are many reasons why you need a gardener for your lawn, trees, shrubs and garden areas. One of the obvious reasons is that a gardener takes his/her time in your yard not just planting, feeding, fertilizing, etc., but also looking for signs of disease, pests or other problems. Gardeners are not in a race to get from one house to the next. It's about the experience and creating a better overall lawn and garden.

Here are some other reasons:

  • Gardeners actually pull weeds out of garden beds
  • A sharp increase in back injury and back pain has been attributed to d0-it-yourself gardeners
  • Your lawn is speaking and gardeners know how to listen to it. There are signs that your grass, trees, shrubs and flowers give you as to what kind of health they are in and what they need to get better.
  • specific plants, trees and shrubs need to be trimmed at specific times of the year --- not EVERY time.
  • Specific plants, trees and shrubs need to be fed at specific times of the year.
  • Aeration can be good for a lawn, but it's not always good for a lawn to be aerated every year. Can you tell the difference?
  • Unless you are creating new beds or your current beds require a complete overhaul, garden beds should be mulched at specific times of the year. Established beds need and should get much less mulch than new non-established beds.
  • Some mulches are detrimental to animals. Do you know which ones?
  • Having a gardener does not have to be expensive. If yours is, then shop around.
  • Gardening is a pleasure. If it's not for you, then you need a gardener

Gardeners don't have to be full-time. They can be part-time and help you to keep things in your garden under control so that you're not overwhelmed with your yard, but you fall in love with it. Our goal is to get you out into your yard and enjoy the experience.

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