JAZZ IS BACK (and so is spring... almost)

This is an official post to let everyone know that JAZZ is back because I hereby claim it so. Sure, it hasn't totally ever vanquished, but like the changing of the seasons it sees its peaks and valleys.

Traditional Jazz is a visual and aural sensation. Like folk, blues, bluegrass and classical music, Jazz paints pictures with tones and lyrics. The slow withdrawal of winter and the oncoming march of spring has given me a sense of musical renewal and to the roots that I love. If you haven't pulled out or bought a good traditional jazz CD recently I command you to do so (laughing). Amazon has a great jazz page you should take a look at if you are interested in previewing some jazz. I took this photo at the Preservation Hall in New Orleans a few years back.

Artists I'm currently listening to:
  • While originally deemed a "fluff" jazzist, Harry Connick, Jr has proven himself to be a true jazz artist. His understanding and even innovation of jazz continues to evolve like the great masters before him.

  • The Preservation Hall Jazz Band continues to give us staple product. My affinity for them is perhaps due to the many times I've spent listening to them live.

  • Rosemary Clooney would be categorized more in the "vocals" area, but she's played a lot in our home, too.

  • Locally you should check out Teren Bose and the Swingset or Annie Selleck. Both are top notch performers and they live here in Nashville.

What are you listening to right now? There's no right or wrong answer. Music is subjective.

WHILE we're on the topic of Jazz, we can't deny that a little jazz is coming on the horizon for our yards, too. That is if you planned ahead and planted your tulip bulbs last fall. Perhaps daffodils are your preference. But no matter, for some of us the jazz is near. This picture was taken in my yard last spring.

The best way to develop your yard is to journal it. In the journal note what bloomed and when. Note what performed poorly and what performed great.

Take pictures of your garden beds and date them. This will aid in knowing what type of bulbs to plant and when.

Lilies, for example, come with different bloom times. Look on the bulb package to see whether your bulbs are early spring, middle spring or late spring bloomers. If most of your bulbs are early spring bloomers, then be sure to plant middle and late ones too to keep the color coming.

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