Baby, It's Cold Outside

It's snowing! What will I ever do? The Churches, stores, gas stations are closed due to our .5" of snow. No mention from the "live pinprick", "accu-crud" weather forecasts of snow last night. I hate them all. (If Bill Hall is reading this please know that you are forever my first weatherman and I swear my allegiance to you for as long as we have weather. I would fall on my sword for you if I had one).

But my hatred of the weather predictors is diminished by the fact that I fear dehydration and starvation as there's no more milk or bread within a 175 mile radius of Nashville. Further, I was going to start my New Year's resolution today of jogging 5 miles a day, but now I'm calling the whole thing off! I think I'll protest the snow by staying inside and playing spider solitaire --- or heaven forbid --- clean.

The good news is only 15 more days of Snowbird (Sorry, Bill). Oh, and Franklin didn't get any snow. Perhaps I can get some milk there. Of course that would mean removing my little musical piggy slippers and additionaly require me leaving my house. I think I'll stay home because I don't have a snow shovel to clear a path.

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Christy said...

Yeah, Bill Hall was the man.